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2010 ..A Private view of a year in the land of Khem





I remember the sombre mood as we approached the start of 2010 and it remains the same as we face another year.

There is no surprise that it turned out the way it did, still with so many loose threads; still with so many unanswered questions; still with so much - known by so few but withheld from so many.                                       continues.......



Even though I have just begun, I am pausing my account to insert the following message!


I had almost finished the several pages of material following this intro when I was stopped in my tracks by trusted friends who were giving me honest feedback. They were reviewing what I was writing. I was knocked back on my heels by their concerns. They were the same concerns expressed by others through the year that had really screwed with my head!   .....The question was: What price Truth!?


Would my words cause so much unwanted hassle; so much reciprocal aggravation and retaliation that it was not worth bothering?

Was I opening up a can of worms that was best left untouched?  ..Should others who had been allowed to spout their manipulative, self interested distortions throughout the year, be allowed once again to prevent the public from getting to a clearer truth.

What price truth my friends!?


I am sick of the illusion as we tiptoe around these issues. Who should care? After all, we are only talking here about events in a foreign land concerning a bit of archaeology below desert sand, aren’t we??


Or is it that we seek to understand the very essence of human nature and our origins….to understand why humankind is locked within its disabled DNA. Are we to pander forever to the self interest which seeks to claim possession of every morsel of ancient information that would help us know ourselves? It seems this is the way it has worked in Egypt and the world for centuries. We are eventually fed a version of any new discoveries but long after the event; and too often it seems after the best has been raped to private possession if the lore is to be believed.


So here I am… just another obsessed and driven enquirer after the truth, preparing myself for the onslaught of derision and fire as I give the can of worms from 2010 a kick again against all the loving advice from close friends - and even against the demons inside me which are still urging me to take the easy route of silence.


Today it is different. I am getting too old and weary of the bullsh-t.  I can only tell it as it is from my own experience.

I also get it wrong sometimes, and I am prepared to hold my hands up when it is shown to be so.

But should I be afraid to report things in good faith?


Almost 30 years ago I was given to understand through an OBE that from 2010, the illusions of our past would be stripped away - before monumental changes took place to affect everyone on this planet.  So, I am not going to spit into the wind of that change with silence yet again. Those who function for self interest are a few. Those who want to get to the open truth are millions and they can make their own minds up. It is about time we had a turkey-shoot, and the greater public will instantly recognise which heads are flushed out first this season.  Let us proceed to rattle the can a little.





From 2009 the world was required to forget the deaths of 6 men in a collapsed illegal tunnel in the Gizavillage of Nazlet El Samaan. Feathers were ruffled when we copiously published an account of the circumstances related to us by close villagers. We ruffled even more feathers with the many dozens of photographs we published of the destroyed site; the failed rescue pit, the aftermath scene inside the death chambers, and the two disputed phone videos of alleged treasures covertly removed before the bodies were recovered.


It made little difference to the detractors that we had reported in good faith, having stayed previously through remarkable synchronicity and equal good faith in one of the houses abutting the death site. The fact of our more intimate knowledge of the goings-on there held no sway with the detractors. It made little difference to them by further remarkable synchronicity that we were thrown into collaboration with William Brown and whose independent research had led him also to this important Hot Spot - but ultimately led to gross diversion as the two leading detractors attempted his and my public crucifixion.


Detractors, who had not been near the site or the people directly involved, seemed to know better!

Theirs was the way of …equating a whitewash mention of the proceedings in limited press stories - with (missing) worldwide media attention as the story deserved.


Just one small example from ‘Atlantis Rising magazine’

( Rescue teams spent four days desperately trying to save the six Egyptians…)


Sorry, but we were told very soon after the event by village friends who were there on the scene that the so-called rescue effort procrastinated for days until the men were dead for sure, under just a few meters of sand with heavy digging machinery standing idle nearby! …. Do you see what I mean?


If the ‘still unanswered’ questions had been aired and addressed, the story would certainly have achieved proper worldwide coverage, and justice would have been done to those dead men and their families. The story is still on record in our pages with picture galleries, for those who wish to read an untwisted account, and the real questions still remain unanswered. Bloodstained items of the dead men’s clothing are still to be found under the topmost layer of scrabbled infill at the site.    The Story


The Death Site  ...As it was just after the event



The Death Site  ...January 2011  ...Now pillaged and just a garbage dump !




It is coincidental and poignant to note that major publications by Dr Hawass and Mark Lehner years ago, identified the area under this very spot as part of the likely position for the undiscovered Palace/Tomb of Khufu!! 


#1  The AustrianAcademy of Science 2005 : Group 33 : Structure and Significance

      Thoughts on Ancient Egyptian Architecture : Editor Peter Janosi

      Page 305 : Zahi Hawass : Khufu’s National Project. The Great Pyramid of Giza in the year 2528 BC

      In particular pages 324/325 and continuing. AND....

 #2  Report from The German Archaeological Institute, Cairo : Group 41, 1985 :

       Mark Lehner : The development of the Giza Necropolis : The Khufu Project




The main detractors have certainly had their day in 2010 but to feed self interest at the expense of progress.

At their hands, too clever distortions and out-of-context false reporting have been used with the skill of a wartime propaganda expert to paint good faith as poison. But was it all too clever? Of course it was, because these players underestimate the intelligence of the general public. From a sweep of the web sites, (even the ones of their comfort zone,) we do not hear even a whisper which says….

‘Well that’s all right then… mysteries solved…. We can all go home!’ 

So often we see examples of those who set themselves up as intellectual superiors who just as quickly crash to reality when a far more discerning public ‘get their number.’ Our feedback has revealed time and time again when manipulated references were used and discerning readers have checked original articles themselves to see how the deceptions were pedalled.


2010 has predominated with other questions:


About NC2/The Cave of the Birds/The Entrance of Agathodaimon:


About the mixed jumble of events surrounding our release of a night time activity film on the plateau and the damned deceptions which were woven by the detractors into the reporting of it:


About the mystery (Agnew) reported shaft below the Sphinx:


About the cross validation to previous published work of Dr Hawass and Mark Lehner with new original work from Bill Brown:


About the widespread work taking place right now beneath the Sphinx:


About the real motivations of the detractors in their witch hunt to falsely discredit.


About the implications of previous Dr Abbas and others amazing Ground Penetrating Radar discoveries below ground all over the plateau:


About the questioning letter we finally received from Dr Hawass, and the manipulations which affected it.



With limited exceptions throughout the year we followed advice and tried to maintain the dignity of silence while under attack by these people. As the record shows very clearly when we tried privately to communicate honourably but naively on the issues they had, we found even these efforts were manipulated against us. Some of these can be read in


Since it is public knowledge that the chief protagonists I refer to are Collins and Little, there seems no point in being bashful any more.  It is time to lay all cards on the table and reflect on these issues one by one!




First Reference:  The corner of Nazlet El Samaan village where it abuts the plateau overlooked by the Sphinx.




It is where there was an illegal dig in the village just beyond the Berlin Wall of Giza; just beyond the cliff area where the Russians have been working legally for years under licence.



It is where Bill Brown legitimately and honourably followed his calculations to arrive at the same spot and sought to purchase a (business use) property there …and accepted GPR survey results from Egyptian operators known to work at Giza. These results contained astonishing data. I saw with my own eyes and read the report paper as it arrived from expert analysts in the USA .  The findings were subsequently shown on the site.


It is where we stayed for a couple of weeks some time previously, learning only of an alleged other tunnel being dug beneath us and major finds being made. The other alleged tunnel ran from beneath the yellow painted house, reportedly as far as two thirds the distance of the entrance ramp you see, and coincidentally only yards from the underground chambers (running to under house 13) - where the dead men were finally found.




It is where negotiations for property purchase were covertly usurped long before the illegal digging; but which ensured Bill Brown was frozen out.  It is where local men were secretly, highly financed in an illegal dig operation.

(In these matters, taped conversations of meetings exist, which prove of some of the proceedings we describe)


It is where their operation was betrayed, but only after finds had been made.

This is where the men met their questionable deaths.




It is where the chambers were uncovered below ground.

See the aparrent doorway in one chamber-wall facing under the Giza Wall towards the Sphinx, with inspection holes drilled to presumable investigate the expected tunnel void behind it.






It is from where the two elaborate phone videos emerged, which had been clearly prepared before the tragedy occurred, and for reasons not yet discovered. The Phone Videos



It is part of the area identified in work years previously by Dr Hawass and Mark Lehner where it is believed the Palace/Tomb of Khufu lies undiscovered.





It is where the authorities have for years tried to get rid of the villagers completely.

Scroll down this page and listen for a couple of minutes from the mouth of Dr Hawass himself. 

(sorry but the movie sound is out of synch a little, but it takes nothing away from his message.)





In fairness, Collins and Little did not turn their interest to a muddling in the village affairs until we were perceived to have designs on their Holy Grail……ie. Collins rediscovery of North Cliff 2 (NC2) – The Cave of the Birds – The Entrance of Agathodaimon.


Our interest there was intensified by Collins rediscovery, but had been originally sparked by Bill Brown’s marathon investigation of the Geomatrix blueprint, which showed the same location to be another important hot-spot location from the blueprint. The smear campaign began as we were abominably and falsely accused of running to the location after attending his seminar. What absolute tripe!!  My detailed account of the unhappy visit to Collins’ seminar was the truth and I was forced to spell it out when their assertions continued.Here      

The same was true for the account of how we came to visit the Tomb and caverns later ourselves. We entered the caverns in the same unchallenged way apparently as Collins did. But not as by Collins own declaration - funded for ‘his’ expedition by the A.R.E.


It was some time after our return I found our photographs had captured the walls covered in reliefs and drawings, and more. We published the pics with no commentary; very quietly; with no location reference; with no hullabaloo; with no attempt to channel them into bludgeoning book sales and to big-up our personalities. We wanted the evidence to be aired: period!      We did not want the discerning importance of the combined evidence from NC2 so far, to be used in the ego battle between Collins and Dr Hawass. You can view the extended galleries of pics from the end of the Agathodaimon article; or direct from here :Cavern Pics Direct Download Page



Before long, Collins and Little got to know of our gallery and were over us like a rash, wanting to privately probe for every little detail they could extract; as the Emails still record: 


....I went along with the enquiries in complete good faith, giving as much as I was able to at the time; then to find that Collins was re-reporting our comments and observations on his own site, with some of them as the record really does show (like on the discussions of wall pigments) that he was claiming the observations as if his own. There was no longer any point in trying to deal with the issue quietly, especially as Collins was now challenging Dr Hawass openly in his writings and contact with him. 


History tells the rest of the story. The site then was not barred. The site then was still openly accessable, and instead of making plans to at least visit there again quietly with sophisticated cameras, lights and suitable clothing to obtain cursory (decent) inspection evidence - his few 'Blairwitch' style stills and film sufficed to rile the hell out of Dr Hawass and for Collins to pump the promotion of his book!


NC2 has been totally closed down ever since. It is barred by iron. It is crawling with constant security. The only work there is done by specially picked teams, and it is under official control for all current or ongoing exploration by the authorities!!


The whole focus had been sidetracked from the huge implications of the cavern system. It would not have mattered a damn if Buster Keaton, The Queen of England or Bugsy Malone had brought information out of the system. Just as long as the information was offered openly to the public without delay, so everyone could  be a part of the discovery process. 


…However we noticed the following :

From :'The A.R.E. reports in its latest bulletin to members that John Van Auken has been conferring with Dr. Hawass regarding further exploration of these caves.'


Many have puzzled why it was that Collins seemed to change his attitude publically to Dr Hawass, after we reacted to the fierce attacks on us by him and Little; …..and why as the year rolled into ‘Shaftgate’ with the Agnew disclosures, that their attacks on us became almost maniacal.


Well, there is no disputing the solid connection between Little/Collins and the A.R.E.

Perhaps therefore after reading the link material above, you will be able to draw your own conclusions about motivation (apart from the relentless marketing of books or gaining personal sponsorship!)


The A.R.E. are a longstanding, highly honorable organization who do much good to open the awareness of our rich heritage. It is truly a shame that such questionable motivations by those so closely connected to it should ever be conceived.


I have to ask once again… Do those concerned really believe the public or their patrons do not see between the lines to question this also!? If indeed the A.R.E. are going to join with DR Hawass to explore the system as the report indicates, then all good luck and good speed to them…. But please, let us get away from this self inflation, book sales nonsense. Give the public what it deserves, and that is simple unfettered altruistic openness.


In other news, Collins has stated that he has hundreds of unrevealed pics of the system along with film taken there, and is producing a forthcoming DVD on the subject!


Our HD pictures from the cave system clearly showing examples of the wall art, simulacrum and much more, were attacked as basically fraudulent by the antagonists. It was clear from the tone and the direction of the attacks that we were considered impudent upstarts who were daring to challenge Collins possession and sovereignty over the cavern system, (backed to the hilt unsurprisingly by Little.)  Any sensible collaborative discussion of what was actually inside the system and its implication were being lost to bruised egos and ulterior motives.


I decided to try and pull things back with a direct challenge.

Therefore at the end of my public apology -Ebook  ...we offered nearly 100 of our HD pics from the caverns to the public, free to download so all-comers could inspect them to the last detail as we had done.


I was perfectly happy to do so because I knew others would have to agree with our conclusions.  What a surprise therefore from that day to this, there has not been a single solitary feedback reply from them or anyone following their scholarly inspection with adequate software.


Do I think the pictures have not been downloaded and inspected? Of course they have been downloaded and inspected… but the silence to admit that the previous assertions were false - is deafening. The same can be said of the non-reaction to my humble layman’s attempt to dissect our first findings from the caverns and to discuss the implications in a serious article.   See :


By the way, we still have a whole bunch more information from the system! We have not released this yet because our first wish still stands. That is for the authorities to conduct a full and proper survey, and to share early open, interim  disclosure of the full findings with the general public. It was regrettable that the Chasing Mummies TV special was scripted and directed to portray a denial of what we know from our own eyes and photographs to be the opposite !  




But then came the Night Time movie of potentially covert activity beneath the Sphinx, plus the Red Bull event ….and the stage was set for Shaftgate!


Judith and I stood at the edge of the mystery shaft beneath the sphinx that had fuelled so much agony soon after our release of the night time activity film. We laughed at the irony, as we recalled the detailed descriptions given to us at a meeting the previous evening with someone who had worked the plateau for decades very close to Dr Hawass. This was someone who had physically helped to dig the ‘mystery’ shaft!  We were sad at how we had been sucked along with everyone else including the detractors, into a synchronistic whirlpool of events which fuelled months of distorted reporting. I will tell you in due course what we were told at that meeting. But first we need to review the unfolding events to see where the comedy of errors occurred.


Item1 April 28:

We came into possession of a poor quality film from a known source, taken overnight which purported to show questionable activity taking place in the area between the Sphinx square entrance and the Sphinx. The earliest of preparations were beginning for the forthcoming Red Bull spectacular and staging equipment had been gathered on site. We know that work has taken place before and since in this area during night time when the plateau is free of tourists. But when this happens, it is usually under a flood of lights just as it was so to prepare for the subsequent Operatic performance.


           Overnight work for the Opera event October                                       Overnight work April 28th.



On the night of April 28 there was a lot of activity involving a heavy front loader and a huge flat-bed transporter vehicle. The shifting and the loading were being conducted by the limited light of the vehicles. Careful examination of the film showed even through the dreadful picture quality that large heavy items were being loaded to the transporter and were eventually driven away. The film maker and other witnesses agreed it seemed as if items were being covertly moved from the plateau.      ...more later.


                                                                                  From April 28



Item 2 April 29   I published two stills from the film and illustrated the story with our own conclusions.


Word immediately came to us that the film maker was under dire threat because he’d released the film and our best action would be to publicise the whole film to show he did not have sole possession of it. However, the film had captured the conversation of the film maker and others present. So we published the film; but to protect the film maker and the witnesses we took a ‘safe’ snippet of the ‘actual’ commentary and just looped it to the original film. All other that has been alleged about the overnight film is just speculative bullsh-t.


Item3 April 29:

There was a large boom heard at circa 10.00am next morning. We are satisfied now, this was one of the coincidences because we were later told it was from where explosives were being used to excavate elsewhere. In a more recent trip to Giza, much earlier one morning I heard a loud boom myself just as had been described on the 29th. I noted it well because it occurred coincidentally at the time when I was later informed my father had died back in the UK.


As we soon discovered, all this was an absolute gift to the distracters who waded in with accusations of fraud and misrepresentation of the circumstances. Before long, Collins and Little were on a roll, linking their learned conclusions with their unhappiness at NC2 outcome, and then stoking it up even more as the next error occurred. It was news of a mystery shaft excavation beneath the Sphinx. On this especially, we were falsely attributed with saying so many things which actually originated elsewhere. We re-reported the news just like everyone else in good faith, but the opportunity was seized to try and discredit to us again. Let us look at the actual sources and what was said….


(My ongoing comments prefixed with ## Italic)

But try and recall the ton of reported information .........which in fact originated from the following source.


Item 4  May 9th.


...scroll down to see the vid/pics which accompanied the announcements


Brooks AgnewPhD:

"This is under the RIGHT PAW of the Sphinx. This is about 100-150 feet away from the Sphinx. The depth is about 100 feet, if you count the excavation 4 stories to get to the opening. The first two times Bill Brown's GPR was sent down a hole, the equipment fried. He did capture an image of a chamber. The Egyptians are going for the Hall."

"A.R.E. is publishing disinformation about the dig. They are telling the public nothing is going on. Their source is lying to them. The Red Bull Event work is clearly NOT part of this dig. They are making millions of dollars in selling antiquities. If there is technology coming out of there, the amount could be hundreds of millions of dollars. The reputation of a nation (albeit young) at stake.”


“The Egyptians didn’t build GIZA. That much is well known now.


##The stuff about Bill Brown's equipment frying and this excavation, are pure invention !!…. Just like the invention of a ton of other alleged facts contained in the 'news' report..


The following is the SCRIPT from the SCREEN FRAMES of the accompanying Agnew UTube video on the excavation. Please also read them well.....


Giza Plateau Excavation Photos 2010 Giza Plateau shaft dug near Sphinx: Pictures taken May 7th. 2010

Two Pieces of equipment:  A small Front loader and a forklift:

The dig is done by hand with buckets and hand tools

4 Stories down… They started the shaft

The Red Bull Event Sports event at the feet of the Sphinx is the cover for the “official” reason for the dig

24 ft X 24 ft wide unknown depth      Photographer was forbidden from looking down the shaft

Blue sandbags and wooden shoring

Europeans or Americans Running the dig. High-level Egyptian officials visited before dawn

Gated local storage site But….we got a photo of what’s inside

Crates of packed items that were removed and stored here The camera stuck through bars of the gate

These pictures are real and untouched    There is a shaft being dug to something below

Things are being crated up and removed

The dig is officially sanctioned by the Egyptian Bureau of Antiquities

For months they have been pumping water out of the levels below

No one was threatened or stopped from taking pictures Museums have featured nothing from this dig


Compiled by Brooks A. Agnew PhD   Property of X-Squared Radio



##  So now I hope at last that everyone understands where a whole bunch of alleged factual information originated, before being falsely attributed to us off the back of the night time activity film.   And by the way, see the pics below, inside the normal ordinary tool store in the cliff NE of the sphinx - which is likely to be the one claimed by the source above to have held the crated treasures from the mystery shaft! The gate was opened for us to get pics inside.




Item 5  May 30

From :

This all puts the most recent developments on the Giza Plateau in an interesting light. On May 9, Brooks Agnew broke news of excavations taking place at the Sphinx using his Twitter account,  and on his paranormal oriented talk show,

 X-Squared Radio. Only slightly earlier,Gizamatrix  founder (incorrect) Richard Gabriel posted some similar information on his website,


‘we can say right now, a couple of days ago we captured the exact moment under a full moon where they are removing items from below ground in the area in front of the Sphinx Temples. and it is a part of an ongoing SCA approved excavation project which has been in operation for almost one year. Items of Great Importance are being openly removed by the Egyptian Authorities in front of the village people as well as the world.. and in other areas like this one! No one has been able to do a thing about it up to now. In the latest hour one Egyptian source claimed there was nothing found; however, eyewitnesses disagree.’


## For the record…Items of great importance ‘were’ being removed. The excavations ‘are’ a part of an ongoing SCA operation and No one ‘has’ questioned the method until now. However, this report established a clear perceived link between the night time activity film we published, and the uncovering of a mystery shaft alleged to be 24 feet square, going down 4 stories, and in excess of 100 feet deep. As the report continues, the speculation is fuelled even more when comments from Collins were added:


##Article quote:

Plateau veteran Andrew Collins, however - despite having been subject to Hawass' caprice himself - is having none of it. In an article   published on his blog,...he weighs in on "the real truth" of the "great conspiracy":


##Collins quoted in the article:

My enquiries have revealed that a deep shaft, reportedly up to 100 feet deep, has been uncovered. However, it contains not a treasure chamber, but is most likely a shaft tomb belonging to Egypt's Twenty-sixth dynasty, the so-called Saite period, which thrived around 2,500 years ago. What's more, in recent years similar shafts have been found and excavated west of the Sphinx near Campbell's Tomb. It has been suggested that the shaft might connect with cave tunnels, a possibility that has to be considered. We know that the plateau is most likely hollow, like Swiss cheese, so there is always a chance that a sunken burial shaft might hit natural caves. Whether they connect to hidden record chambers is quite another matter, and it would be foolish to speculate on this matter without further information.


## However in complete contradiction he continues to fuel the speculation himself with the following......

We can now bring you further information on the shaft, along with photos and  video footage   taken by correspondent Anthony Ferrol

'I saw someone I knew hanging around and I went and asked him if he knew what was happening. He said to me that there has indeed been a new tomb found. The shaft going down into the bedrock is apparently around 100ft down, and he says that they have pulled out a few mummies.'


## Later in the article he falsely legitimises that claims have been made of an evil conspiracy where Atlantean Treasures have been removed. This is distorted hogwash. He continues in the article with:


Furthermore, suggestions that the deep shaft might link with secret cave tunnels is also something that Anthony found no inkling of during his brief conversations with local workmen at the site. So such a possibility, although attractive, is completely unfounded at this present time.


## We will deal with the real explanation for the shaft very soon, plus the question of links to secret tunnels. But just to complete the final issues which were thrown into the melting pot of disinformation we have to revisit the following:



Item 6   May 11

##We had done interviews with Camelot and became aware of someone who was offering apparent related material:



Kerry Cassidy Blog May 11 – Update : More Giza News and Confirmation Something is Happening...

According to a tip from still another source, I(Kerry)got the following very hot info (paraphrased to conceal their identity):


"...A friend of an unnamed military enlisted guy was being sent to Egypt because of a heat signature registered in the "top room" of the 'major pyramid" -- apparently, according to him, an area that no one had access to.


The source went on to say that he found it interesting that the U.S. had surveillance on the internal structure of the pyramid but he was informed that he should not be surprised, the U.S. has bases everywhere.


The most stunning thing is that this room not even the U.S. has access to and neither does anyone else and yet there was this heat signature...And mention of an "entity".


This friend was deployed a few days ago with some special forces to Egypt. Apparently between roughly April 22-23 when that unknown entity appeared and today there has already been a full scale operation dispatched. That is, they are saying, very quick work for the military."


I (Kerry) remote viewed that "room" at the top of the pyramid after hearing this news and clearly saw a very tall being, dressed in gold, wearing a bird headdress and the name I got was Ibis.On consulting our friends at the  Giza Geomatrix

I was informed, that that is Thoth. Looks like there really is something going on at Giza beyond stealing antiquities and treasure.


Stay tuned for my 2nd interview with the Giza Geomatrix team. They are also investigating the shaft being dug near the paws of the Sphinx and the disinfo surrounding that activity...  Click here   to see the video of what may well turn out to be the excavation for the Hall of Records.



Item 7 May 12


Kerry Cassidy Blog - May 12 – Update     ....An update on Giza

I (Kerry) received the following information from my source who calls himself KM or Kid Master. If true the implications are important:


'This is an update of the GIZA info. I just met with my contact and we discussed recent events while I showed him the Giza Geomatrix website  He has corroborated that the information on said website is in fact similar to his intel. In fact, he joked about how similar it was to his training in the service.


Anyway the basic story is that during the Apr 23rd incident when we had "anomalous" weather as was reported by that night when we were supposed to have had clear skies, someone may have entered the Chamber of the Sun and started some kind of charge. This was supposed to have tilted our axis a few miles off.


I asked specifically how far, he didn't know but there should be a noticeable difference in star maps etc. This would have been the second time the U.S government was reading a heat signature from the apex of the pyramid that is supposedly made of a material called STERN alloy. I have yet to find any information on it, but he told me it is not a metal of this planet.


What i do know is that the military doesn’t know how the device works and does not want to damage the device or anyone else to damage the device. In fact some excavators recently dug into something of a sand trap while searching thru some of the ruins and they have decided they don’t want anyone to continue digging unless they know they wont trigger some kind of trap or intended diversion. But there is quite a lot of digging happening there now and there are 3 governments involved, one that he did not name the other 2, of course, US and Egypt.


Some other tidbits of info is that from what he was told, only 2 of the pyramids work and there is one of which is 72 stories in depth as it is an upside down pyramid that was built in Spain. He says there are several unknowns as well...



## I asked for and gained direct contact with the person who was feeding this information to determine its strength. The following are Email extracts from our conversations with answers from the contact, to questions I posed. From his candid responses I gave him the benefit of any doubts I had.



'Thank you for keeping correspondence with me. I wanted to clarify a few things. It was my understanding, given from the website, that you were already aware of an upper chamber as well as an underground chamber. However, the email leads me to believe that you are assuming their existences or at least basing them upon OBEs.

In either case, the existence of an upper chamber that is inaccessible by normal standards has been confirmed by my contact as well as an extensive underground chamber as well. How extensive the underground system is, you would know more than I.


But, he was very adamant of there being and underground access below the pyramid with several chambers etc.. This we discussed while looking through the computer generated images from your website that show this chamber of the sun and underground.'

'I was also curious if you knew of the significance of an event that takes place within the pyramid every 500 years. This was also something leaked from the military given to me as a clue although I've yet to piece it together.


If I may also inquire as to how the OBEs are induced. Is it through meditation, herbal or some other enhancement or is it triggered by "tuning" into the pyramid like Billy Meier? I have had a few OBEs but in each case have rushed to my body through the fear of loss of identity or detachment and abandonment of my physical self. Also, are these experiences accompanied by a loud pop or cracking noise that happens in your mind?

I have many many more questions. I do not want to impose on your time however. If I do find out more, which will be difficult now that the mission has commenced, I will be sure to feed you what I find.
Thanks again for your time and service…KM'


'I don't have any info on the entrance to the underground yet, we'll wait and see.'


'I saw the new video and was excited to get some clarification. I am meeting with my contact later this week and we will see what he knows.


To be perfectly honest, I think that what has been brought to light is already too much if the military has been alerted which im sure they know of the video and so it may be a little more difficult to get info. I have done my share of spreading this knowledge around and all who hear want to know more.'


'I don't know how much more information I will be able to provide. My contacts have both taken ill in different ways. I wont bother with the details of that, lets just say military guys are tough on themselves. Something tells me, however, that their own interests haven't waned on this subject and if something does occur of significance I will be down the line of information.


Unfortunately, the type of info I'm getting is after the fact, and I cannot be certain of any plans or intentions that they may have. I think they are also playing the waiting game. Although, I'd like to think they are a moronic bunch, I am still curious as to how they know what they know.


The only recent bit of info I have heard is that the star gate or portal is guarded by 2 "cats." You may already know that, as a matter of fact I think it is somewhere in the tablets and I believe the translation is hounds.'



Item 8  Recently

## Much of what I reveal above was posted on Kerry’s blog and subsequently re~posted by others. The thing that stinks however is that where we quoted these things in good faith as everyone else did, the main detractors tried to muddle these messages as if directly attributable to us; and this sort of dishonorable reporting is still being done.

For example a short while ago the following was reported from:


Egyptian archaeologist admits pyramids contain UFO technology

 Michael Cohen

 In a shock statement, head of the Cairo University Archeology Department, DrAla Shaheen has told an audience that there might be truth to the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the oldest of pyramids, the Pyramids of Giza.

On being further questioned by Mr Marek Novak, a delegate from Poland as to whether the pyramid might still contain alien technology or even a UFO with its structure, Dr Shaheen, was vague and replied "I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is "not of this world".

Delegates to the conference on ancient Egyptian architecture were left shocked, however Dr Shaheen has refused to comment further or elaborate on his UFO and alien related statements. 


However on Collins site where he appeared to promote a straight investigation of this report, he proceeded to inject a whole paragraph - in direct reference to ourselves about an initiative promoted on the site which had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it.


This latest despicable smear attempt simply confirms his dishonorable motivations. It has nothing to do with getting to the truth and sharing it, but it has everything to do with protecting and promoting of his own ego  and book sales.   While researching this I noticed a reference on his site to ‘his’ actual discovery of the durned NC2 caves. …No… It was Salt and Caviglia!  


To Collins directly I say: … ‘You uncovered ‘their’ previous discovery of them…. And so-what anyway!!!  Do you really think I am the only person who knows what you are doing? My mailbox tells a different tale’




The truth about the shaft


At last it is time to tell you what we were told about the so called mystery shaft beneath the Sphinx, and then we will examine the legitimacy claims for secret cave tunnels which link to activity beneath the Giza Plateau.


Later at his house, the man we spoke to showed us albums of pictures he had taken over years covering his work on sites at Giza and many other more distant locations. We were even gifted some of the key pictures.


The truth is far less complex than the falsehoods which the detractors have woven into things – but its implication is far greater than the total of what is known yet by the public.


From the Sphinx, East to the gates of the Giza Square. From the Giza Square South to the Wall of the Crow, and North to the cliffs overlooking the village, the plateau is under gradual but accelerating excavation.


For now, the Light Show staging, the Visitor’s Centre, the main entrance for tourist, all interfere with the work until they are moved to the new entrance at other side of the plateau from the desert road.


Contractors continue to remove thousands of tons of sand, exposing first the upper levels of mud brick construction, dating back to a time after deeper original stone constructions were obliterated with silt and sand.


The sand clearance relieves ground pressure and along with a huge water pumping operation the water table is being reduced to allow ultimate deep excavation..


Excavations already reach to the threshold of where tourists walk and to the staging area. They reach to the concrete of the parking lot of the visitors centre. They reach to edge of the cemetery. They reach towards the village cliffs, halted only by the feeder road for tourists and vehicles. (see gallery pics and detailed explanations very soon on a new article page)


On film, Dr Hawass confirms what has been known for some time, that there was a sophisticated boat harbour which followed the line of original cliffs not far in front of the Sphinx. In 2002 in connection with the Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation, test drilling took place in this area. 15 meters down they struck red granite known to have come from Aswan. A cross section diagram explains how the plateau drops down to the deeper part of the drill site and follows what would

have been the harbour basin





   The mystery shaft is located right at the edge of the Sphinx Harbour basin.


We were told it was dug simply as a part of the investigation to test the water table and to inspect the profile of the harbour wall down to its base. However a number of problems were encountered. The deep excavations so far had uncovered the edge of the harbour, but were surrounded by a bank of many meters of the surrounding unstable sand. This was retained by the blue bags of sand (seen in the Agnew film.)


The shaft excavation was more difficult as it was being conducted against the ingress of water from the surrounding water table. Water pumping had to be constant and there was a battle against the waterlogged almost liquid silt surrounding the hole. Determinations were made, but as the site showed, as soon as the work was stopped, the silt, sand and water took over and filled it all back again. NO evidence of a 4 storey deep 100 feet shaft! ..And NO evidence of mummies being brought out from underground chambers!!!





As to the April 28 overnight activity film.....


Well… our friend told us a few interesting things which satisfied us on this issue too.

We had observed the presence of many beautifully carved and massive shaped red granite blocks lying around. These had been preserved in pristine condition under the sand and were being uncovered in the current new excavations. Many of these had been moved into the Sphinx temple for temporary storage.

They were lined up inside, blocked from view in such a way that they could not be inspected easily from outside the iron grilles. Our friend told us this was temporary storage,because the intention was to restore them eventually to their position as part of the original Sphinx Temple façade.




As we had wandered about taking pics, notes and measurements we noted that a few of the remaining scattered blocks displayed hieroglyphics. Our friend jogged our memory to massive excavations which had taken place previously to the South of Menkaure.


He told us this was where sand material had been recovered to use in the construction of the new road embankment linking into the site from the new Western plateau entrance under construction. However during the excavation there, they also uncovered lots of similar exquisite blocks.


Crucially, he told us there were many bearing hieroglyphics, with some that were recognised to have explanations about the Sphinx.He said these important finds were transported away for private examination. His comment on the area of the emerging Sphinx Harbor was that similar important blocks were found and removed from there.


So there you have it! We are completely satisfied for now, this is what was going on during the operation of April 28, captured on the night film. All the other news items which emerged in a stream as described above were re-reported by everyone in good faith except by the detractors who sought to link them all together -  re-attributing them directly or by implication to try and perform a coup de grace on our honourable efforts and reputations.



There is one last twist however. I have spent many hours trying to extract as much as I can from the stills of that night film. I found one other thing which you can see in the pic below. As the front loader is loading an item on to the transporter, it is possible to discern at least, the object looks like a large statue of some kind! It is not inconceivable that if such important blocks were being spirited away to an unknown inspection facility, there may have been other large finds in the sand… like a significant statue perhaps?!





There is one more issue to deal with.


Previously from Collins: Quote:'Furthermore, suggestions that the deep shaft might link with secret cave tunnels is also something that Anthony found no inkling of during his brief conversations with local workmen at the site. So such a possibility, although attractive, is completely unfounded at this present time.'


The mystery shaft has been dealt with, but I will leave it for the reader to decide if the notion of cave tunnels is unfounded at this time. On the issue of what may be waiting to be discovered below ground, our colleague Bill Brown more than most, has withstood the most terrible smear campaign in the last year from Collins and Little. An Egyptian newspaper reporter said to us, the closer you get to the truth, the fiercer they will try to discredit you. He was referring to the power of self interest at Giza.


If you doubt there is still more of the story to tell than please divert for a few minutes to read the following article links. They follow each other to give a reminder, or a sequence of awareness for what is already known about the sub-system at Giza.

The link carries a reference to a the 1935 massive sand clearance by Emile Baraize and the substantial tunnel systems discovered then linking the Sphinx, the pyramids and the Solar cross site.


When we discussed this with our man on the plateau - we wanted to talk about the press conference in 1996 when Dr Hawass promised the reopening of a blocked Sphinx tunnel he knew was first opened in 1922.

The link between news of this tunnel and the Dr Joseph Schor detection in April/May of 1996 of a tunnel travelling West towards the middle pyramid from the right side of the Sphinx – is obvious!


Our friend was unable to relate to the details of the Dr Hawass Sphinx tunnel opening, but in a very casual way he described that,

‘Of course there are tunnels under there. Some of them are used now by security when we want to get from one side of the plateau to another part unseen, as when VIP’s are here.'


 He recounted other vastly deep shafts from existing tunnels, one of which on the surface claimed the life of a friend years previously at night in a fall.  He said the deepest ones were subsequently covered with iron plates and concealed. He indicated up to the left of the causeway close to Khafre, exactly where his friend had died.


The following link deals with the subterfuge surrounding the Osiris shaft.

(Nothing more has been revealed about the deepest mud filled tunnel heading towards Khafre!)


Then we bring it closer to date with the following article to describe Bill Brown’s direct involvement.


Bill worked with Dr Abbas on the substantial 2006 GPR scans of several areas of the plateau. Although the results revealed astonishing possibilities below ground, more questions than answers were raised because of areas where they were banned from testing. The article above deals with it fully.


Bill Brown had been working on the beginnings of the Giza Geomatrix Blueprint described thus:


It is a name given to the Blueprint which uses the Star geometries laid to the ground, marking the location of entrances to either significant ancient underground storage sites, or entrances into the vast underground facility built by the Ancients. The Blueprint was fixed to a specific stellar time in history which enables a Time clock to be constructed - which in turn allows an examination of the repeating life cycles of our existence on this planet. Work continues, to validate and unravel the information this is yielding.


Bill’s wife to be, Lucyna Lobos Brown had been feted when important underground locations pinpointed by her psychically, were subsequently validated. Bill and Lucy found they were both investigating the same identified hot-spots through their work. You can read the full story elsewhere on this site. Suffice to say that we came together with them in collaboration …and we have been trying to progress with honourable initiatives ever since in an effort to create a greater collaboration for the palace/tomb of Khufu to be uncovered.


The area we were most strongly drawn to was at the corner of the village and it just so happens this was the area also identified by Dr Hawass and Mark Lehner in previous publications as being the most likely location for the undiscovered Khufu Palace/Tomb.



#1  The AustrianAcademy of Science 2005 : Group 33 : Structure and Significance

Thoughts on Ancient Egyptian Architecture : Editor Peter Janosi

Page 305 : Zahi Hawass : Khufu’s National Project. The Great Pyramid of Giza in the year 2528 BC

In particular pages 324/325 and continuing.


 #2   Report from The German Archaeological Institute, Cairo : Group 41, 1985 :

Mark Lehner : The development of the Giza Necropolis : The Khufu Project


Any progress towards excavation on the village side of the wall was blocked by the poor relationship between Dr Hawass and the villagers. This is unsurprising since Dr Hawass has openly stated on camera, that he wants them swept away. Our efforts involved trying to broker an initiative which would break the impasse.   It also involved an initiative to test the depth of public support for such an idea.


Sadly the detractors stirred poison once again! Despite the fact that personal contact letters have been sent to the office of Dr Hawass over time, offering information, or trying to share constructive dialogue - they have not been acknowledged. This changed recently when a challenging letter was received from Dr Hawass containing questions which were based on plain false facts and reporting distortions as we have been used to so many times before. The letter was answered copiously with the facts but has produced no further progress. The detractors had succeeded in weaving a little more mischief, and it is the public who have been the losers as they always are! Our reply letter is shown below with the questions inserted from Dr Hawass, highlighted in red.



Reply to the questioning E letter from Dr Hawass - from Bill on behalf of us all.


Thank you for your reply of November 23 and for the opportunity to address specific questions you have for me. All of your questions focus on topics which have an influence far, far wider than the actual questions, and I hope in the fullness of time we will have an opportunity to mutually explore them in much more depth. Your questions are also succinct and though I must elaborate a little to provide answers, I will endeavor to respond in same spirit.     

(Your questions highlighted.)


1. ZH: Why are you claiming that there is a temple under the Sphinx? I have worked on that site for many, many years and nothing of the sort has been found.


First I must refer to the following publications:

#1  The AustrianAcademy of Science 2005 : Group 33 : Structure and Significance

Thoughts on Ancient Egyptian Architecture : Editor Peter Janosi

Page 305 : Zahi Hawass : Khufu’s National Project. The Great Pyramid of Giza in the year 2528 BC

In particular pages 324/325 and continuing.


 #2   Report from The German Archaeological Institute, Cairo : Group 41, 1985 :

Mark Lehner : The development of the Giza Necropolis : The Khufu Project


In your article #1, you endeavor excellently to provide an overview of the development of the Giza Plateau based on latest research, discovery and deduction. The identified section interests us particularly because our research concurs with your projections for the likely location of the Palace of Khufu. Our work has been focused on this possibility, and our desire to see your findings vindicated.


In the melee of bad reporting and misrepresentation, although we have serious questions regarding the sphinx and whatever may be found below ground in its vicinity; our primary interest is in the Tomb / Palace of Khufu (the beloved) location. This has been completely misrepresented and portrayed as an interest to seek a temple under the sphinx! Indeed, my own writings on our website mirror your reference taken from #1 above which refers to the discoveries made in the village during sewerage excavations.


2. ZH: You claim this temple dates to the 3rd Dynasty, but how do you know this? The earliest evidence of human activity on the Giza Plateau dates to the 4th Dynasty.


 Reference my answer to your first question; we must agree to presuppose now a reference to the proposed Palace of Khufu and not an alleged temple under the sphinx. Having said that, we would surely also agree the reality that there are several learned sources who point to human activity not only on the Giza Plateau, but in compatible time periods all over Egypt. You refer yourself to the fact that human evidence becomes more tenuous the further back in time we travel through the Old Kingdom and beyond.


From#2above, Mark Lehner refers briefly to the 3rd. Dynasty Covington Tomb, (which joins with the consensus for pre-4th. Dynastic human activity on the plateau) and later presents evidence which in fact builds the case for the age of the sphinx (as a result of human activity on the Giza Plateau) being a lot older than mainstream archaeological thinking. Furthermore from #2 above Mark expertly shows the relationship of the dated quarry workings from the earliest part of Khufu’s constructions. These would have significantly affected the surface hydrology of the plateau and made it impossible for the erosion of the sphinx structures to have taken place from this time. By this evidence alone there was certainly intelligent human activity on the Giza plateau long before the later massive constructions.


As an example of one outside source making the same deduction:

In Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum (JACF) 9 (2002), pp. 5-21.

Giza Before the Fourth Dynasty, Colin Reader eloquently makes the same case. 


Covington’s Tomb/ Khasekhemui’s Palace, seemingly referring to the large panelled brick Mastaba excavated by Dow Covington and Mr Quibell on a high ridge South East of the Third Pyramid, was even dated by Reisner out of 2nd into 3rd Dynasty. This likely fortress hill area would have been entirely commensurate with the societal upheavals during the time of unification then; while grand constructions were just being conceived for the central plateau.


And: George Andrew Reisner,The Development of the Egyptian Tomb down to the

Accession of Cheops (Cambridge, MA, 1936), p. 248.


Many other evidences could be presented to support coincidental human activity in Egypt beyond Old Kingdom times, as in :  where a Manuport was recovered from a Nile delta core drilling, radiocarbon dated up to 3350 BC. It had been carried through human activity from 160 km South of the site.


Powerful comprehensive studies by other scholars offer compelling support for human activity on the plateau well before 4th Dynastic times. These include for example Robert Schoch PhD :

Searching for the Dawn and Demise of Ancient Civilization


A formidable book of credible sources could be assembled to add to these brief examples, all supporting the clear fact that on the Giza plateau and in Egypt generally there was much human activity well before the Old Kingdom period.


3.ZH:  You claim that you undertook a ground penetrating radar survey under the village of Nazlet el-Samman without permission from the Permanent Committee of the SCA. Is this true?


 In a word: No - and the answer to such speculation is simple.

It is well known unofficially, that Egyptians with professional GPR equipment operate privately as well as officially at Giza. During the course of my research spanning many years, I was approached by Egyptians who knew of me and my research. I accepted an offer for GPR information which they had previously and coincidentally gathered from areas of interest to me – obtained by them from private properties with consent.


4.  ZH: Why are you asking people all over the world to send letters to me and the Minister?


 Less than one year ago, amid a morass of political maneuvering for the archaeological and intellectual high ground at Giza, a plan was conceived by the developing Geomatrix Team to test the level of active public support for a potential excavation permit at Giza.


We knew there was a consensus for the location of Khufu’s temple to be under the village. We knew there appeared no easy solution to test your projections for the Palace due to an impasse with the villagers of the village.


We hoped and still hope that a cooperative solution we have devised may lead to the impasse being broken soon with everyone happy at the result.


We hope in due course to present the Collaborative idea we have developed, which if accepted would enable official excavations to be licensed in specific village locations.  Thereby, this could lead to full vindication of your work, through the uncovering of Khufu’s Palace or Tomb at the predicted locations.


I hope my answers help to clarify the inevitable confusion which occurs when information is passed on from non-original sources. Unfortunately as you know yourself, the dedication applied to the job can be diluted considerable when time must be taken to constantly correct the wrongs reported of us by others.


We suffered this through the confusion of your newspaper article, though we believe perhaps not by your own direction. We hope now you may understand that we have been unfairly judged, and given the opportunity in due course, we may prove to be one of your strongest allies in the process to vindicate your greatest prize.  …. signed    


Reference articles:






The issues I have addressed do not cover everything that has happened in 2010. There’s a bunch more besides; but from our perspective the main distractions have been covered. I guess opposition is inevitable when so much is conducted behind hallowed closed (professional) doors, the rest of us are viewed as inferior plebs.


However nothing stays the same forever and with the power of the internet, the ignorant masses are found to be not so ignorant after all….. and they can wield enough power to knock ivory towers down faster than they were built!  We are in a world of far greater expectation and knowledge and on all levels consciousness is expanding. More informed people than ever want to understand the essence of our origins. The light therefore shines ever brighter to expose those who would prevent it.


As to Collins and Little. Well, at last I have said my piece on them and if they don’t like what I have thrown back at them, they should not have asked for it throughout 2010!  Now we just want to get on with the task of investigating and reporting on what is being found….and against forlorn hope, perhaps to look forward to a wider fresh collaboration without the barriers of self interest. The Heretage of the ancients underpins the greatness of Egypt, but the knowlege of the ancients belongs to the world. Neither belongs to any individual !


It seems appropriate before we move on, to remember some earlier speculative words from Dr Hawass on another issue.

From a Dr Hawass lecture in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in early July of 2005

"I really personally believe that the secret chamber of Khufu is hidden inside the pyramid."





In the article above, we mention the fresh excavations taking place on the plateau beneath the Sphinx.

In another article which will appear very soon, we will present a huge picture gallery along with detailed desciption of the massive excavations which will lead finally to the Sphinx Harbour and the Palace/Tomb of Khufu being uncovered.

Please bookmark and keep checking the front index page.          And ..we are about to deliver another big surprise! 



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