Richard Gabriel with Judith Elter 2009  All rights reserved



The Entrance to the Tomb of the Birds (and The Caverns of the Bats)  

now Barred with an Iron Grille  ...NOT to keep tomb robbers out 

but to POSSESS the Secrets of our Past  ...and keep them IN !!



 The neighbour of NORTH CLIFF 2 TOMB


This is the excavation inside NC1 Tomb


There are very old depictions even on the walls of NC1


Here is the same section of wall without the indication


Here is an overlayed Sketch of The chambers BENEATH  the ground level, manufactured chambers of the Tomb of the Birds (so far)


This area shown on sketch possibly another even deeper shaft


2. A Little Closer.. and there is much more to see down there!


The full sized Crocodile head of Sobek can be seen (with orbs)   .....At least now you all know for sure that it exists !!



Now inside the first Chamber of the Bats looking out at the part bricked entrance, which was wide & open some time in the past


A natural cavern & clear signs of subtantial human construction


Look deep into all the pics and you will see so much more


From even the darkest gloom of the caverns the items emerge   Train your eyes to the pics and see much more than we indicate



In places the floor is absolutely packed with items


In this as in several other niches and tunnel sections, the floor is packed with goods


 ..Filtered to make the coiled Snake stand out more


































 Next, pages 3 and 4  give a fresh look at the pics we previously published.

They are revamped in a larger size, and as you have had a chance to see some

of the close-ups on the last page, maybe your trained eye will now see many of the hidden

items in the pictures that we have not had time to extract.