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                                                               From Inside Out !!


When you are where you are meant to be, sometimes all it needs are the pictures.


These were captured for observational purposed only.


Not a single thing was disturbed  in their taking...


Not a single fine object, not a single Wall Painting, not a single Python, not a single Bird, not a single Spider, not a single Bug, not a single piece of Wall Plaster, not a single bit of Work in Progress, not  a single Bat, not a single Sarcophigus, not a single Fashioned Block, not a single piece of Jewellery, not a single Pot, not a single Gourd, not a single Wall Marking, not a single Potential Concealed Shaft, etc etc. 


Only if you study the shadows deeply, you too may see what we saw... but later, watch out for many snakes.

                 Now go figure!



Technical detail

The pics. emerged from the inky pitch darkness, using a standard camera and flash only. We have used basic hue, shade or contrast enhancement on some of them to lift the detail. Watch repeatedly for the zoom closeups taken from the preceeding picture.(view left to right) 






















































































































































































































































































































































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