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The Re-opening of NC2



Part 4...



It is time for us to light a fire under this subject again!


               (This is a Huge File. For ease of use we have had to separate it into sequential pages, but please let us know if any problems arise in its use. )




The continuing Sub-System Chambers

(The Two Left Hand Chambers) + (NC2 The Entrance Tomb)



Photo Gallery and Explanations




 The repeated schematic for current reference..



Next - Chamber ( C ) Sequence...


In this medium we cannot do justice to the first wall we are going to show you. pic No 1503. To do so would need it to be adjusted and blown up into a big poster size. It is one of the most promising walls we discovered. We are going to trust to the fact that you will hopefully have developed a bit of an eye already to seek out the faint images behind the surface deposits. A few of the real close-up pics from this have been shown earlier in the presentation. eg. The creature inside a transparent dome & the large single horned reptile. etc.


However the whole picture is a vivid three dimentional scene teeming with unknown creatures and objects - alongside others we can guess at. Figures are overlayed on figures to confuse the view even more. At the closest zoom, the content is picked out with the skill of any modern day artist. We have loaded the original, followed by a couple of progressing pics showing closer and closer zoomed definition. In the final pic there appears to be a detailed pyramid field, presided over by a giant ogre of some sort. Higher scale creatures still show through around it. We were drawn to it specifically because of the pigmentation changes and the illogical differences in the raking patterns.


At natural magnification look to the dark band across the centre. If you can now read these pictures you may note on the right and the left of the band, the outlines of large reptilian/snake type heads, and their bodies shaped as coils or segments in the middle.

That may be a final layer, but the main layer underneath seems to contain tiny exact details all across the wall.



The same wall - enhanced. Look carefully and you are bound to see even more images now. At this stage it is all we needed to see to zoom in to inspect every section at maximum focused magnification, and variations between. It helped to aquire an eye however to find the better or more obvious images first, and we were often surprised when an unnoticed one appeared on the screen.


Now the original again, zoomed in a little. Go upper centre and see a row of cat like creatures, still at a large scale on the wall.  Within the darker band right of low centre it is possible to see the scale of the smaller creatures appearing to the eye. The pyramid? scene is on their scale and comes from a point - at a line, first quarter from left - just above the centre horizontal.


Very high magnification, but impossible to ignore the possible large pyramid, and the large

ape creature presiding directly above the tallest one (right of top centre of the picture)


All of them full of potential!

 c 1504...and a section below                                                   c 1505... Clearly there is a lot going on here as the sample shows

Note the head on top of 2 heads in the centre vertical strip.                       with more heads trying to break through


  c 1506    

...And who is to say that the singled block in the wall above , presided over by the large serpent on the opposite wall, is not removable and in fact concealing something beneath ?   The Orbs say yes!     See Below left...


Perhaps the roughly deliniated croppped section from the top left of the right hand pic. will give you a better perspective.


Lower to the ground on the same pic. it is just possible to see the faint images which are breaking through the raked plaster.



Now we can turn to the Graffitti all over the roof ceiling. The following pics overlap, but we wanted you to get a real perspective of them. Someone knows who they belonged to! Share it with us on the site front page Message Board please.


c 1508                                                                                           c 1509


The picture below is a good example of all we have mentioned so far. The raked plaster. Images on the plaster and beneath it on the rock face. Images following the line of natural rock, and making use of the cleft. Multiple images overlapping, including the largest of a crocodile emerging from the broken plaster and a Ram or a Ewe behind it .. and a snake separating them. Even the broken line of the foreground plaster is flanked by a formed snake either side. This indicates an intent, beyond the time when original rock-face art was done.  4566 (i) 1Z


We will let you be your own judge on the following pair, but there is a lot to discern.

 c 4566                                                                                           c 4567



Next - Chamber ( b ) Sequence...



The first pic is looking down into the entrance of Chamber ( b)

It is a natural progression from the common corridor to ajoining Chamber ( c ) and is shown from the bottom of the access steps.

The ceiling dips down to get into this chamber, but its height perspective is disguised by a huge natural sand bank across its width.

This chamber sits beneath the large chamber situated left, from the step-up at the end of the corridor of the higher NC2 Tomb.


b 4572 ...see also below                                                        z. b 4573  ...And from just below the header stone (2nd. pic below...)


We thought for sure there would be images on the header stone leading down to chamber ( b ) and we were not diaspppointed. Below left, are the head to head bug type images we have extracted so far. On the right shows below the header stone in the top centre of the right hand picture above. We tried to pull out the other images obscured by the darkness and poor definition in the copy.



Next you will see where our abilities with the pics we had were sometimes tested to the extreme. These pictures are full of airborne dust, but we worked on them just to confirm the chambers were not an exception. We saw enough to confirm they too have images.

  b 4574                                                                                          b 4575

Even when the pictures looked hopeless to work on, there was always a chance... From 4574 above, check below. The exercise allowed us to earmark the locaion for potential (hopefully official) - future investigation! The shadow definitions are vague, but they follow the shape patterns elsewhere. With careful viewing, even this degraded version allows us to see several images.


  b 4576                                                                                        b 4577

Does anyone still have any doubts ?  Check this out below - taken from above right. (4577)

Just imagine how hot this scene might be If it could be captured and revealed with the correct type of photography.



   Below these, take a look at the next two enhanced

   zoomed/cropped photos taken from the same 

   back wall and the oblique right side wall !! Do

   you see the elaborate domed building?






    This is the wall on the right from the pic above-

    left. It does not take much eye strain to see

    the Reed Boat. Its dragon head prow is

    issuing fire breath in the direction of some

    kind of monster creature standing erect in on

    the corner wall. The dragon prow - neck to

    head, rises almost vertically from the centre line

    of the metal stake



    In fact when we placed the HD pic under high

    magnification we could see the monster is a

    huge speckled snake reared up. Down the

    length of its body there are other snake heads




    At its base there is a large fish like a Coalacanth

    painted around the corner of the chamber, with

    a large bird head close behind it's head.



    The frame is completed with perhaps the dark

    head of a horned viper peering out - right of

    frame & beneath the head of another snake

    looking towards us from the top right corner,

    with an Orb centered over the bridge of its nose.


    We can't stress enough that you have to allow

    your eyes to get the correct focal point of

    depth perception to suddenly see all the hidden

    images. Compare it back again to the bland



     b 4577 z + 2z


... & Here are a few items we found gathered on the sand.

 b 4578  We bet however when these items were picked up and dumped in the corner - the robbers would not have been

able to see with the naked eye what we have been able to reveal from the enhanced photographs.  ..Look below!


Not only are there images again on the shaft of the bone, but both stones featured, also have images....

Bottom left there are perhaps bird images on the stone, and on the top right stone includes perhaps a crocodile image.

The end of the bone is also carved into the head of a bird which has something clenched in its beak!



Hmmm!!! ...Will such items ever see the light of public display.

Could such honesty and integrity prevail in the Egyptians who have current direct custody of this place?

Right at this moment, we have to say with very great sadness - there is not a chance in hell of that happening !!




We repeat again... The specialist nature and importance of the evidence throughout NC2, demands that anyone involved should have had Archaeological / Forensic Training; or must be capable of employing Standards of Professional Good Practice at very least - plus the use of highly specialised equipment.... & All work should be carried out under scrutiny and with transparent open reporting!





Showing the separation between ( c ) & ( b ) & the left-behind metal stake.











 Sometimes the reaction to a search just has to be Wow!


This was one of those occasions. The picture on the left is a vertical strip taken from the top half of the picture above,

and just inside ( c ) door opening.


We did not want to degrade the zoomed

oblique image any more by making it larger.





However we would like you to look carefully to a focus beneath the top layer and try to discern the start of what must be a fabulously

painted wall in its entirety.


In truth we used the zoomed original HD to verify what we were seeing, but it is still possible to determine, there is a whole scene there including splendid detailed overlapping, interacting figures.










Final view from the bottom of the left hand steps from left hand of the NC2 entrance, shown looking out from ( c )

Images can be determined very easily from this naked photograph, but we help a little below with the next pic.



    But as you may have guessed by  now... even

     these surfaces are covered all over with

     obscured images. Look deep again and you

     will see them, with a little help on the left in the

     enhanced version. Please use all the skills

     aquired so far to study the picture.






    As this presentation goes live, our link will be

    sent at the same time to News Agencies,

   Officials and most  importantly to the

   Egyptian Administration. We invite you to

   help spread the link also, as it will be a race

   against time from publication of this Report.

   Who will prevail? An honest Administration,

   or the official thieves who will endeavour to

   close the door on our evidence as fast as

   they can do so !!



We were empowered to collect and present this evidence to the world.


We acknowlege its potential for adding to the understanding of our true origins. 

It will rightly be in the public domain at last. 


Will we be dealt with seriously?  

Will the issue of the NC2 system be dealt with honestly and with integrity...finally?  


The outcome for the deep secrets of NC2

is in your hands. The result will depend on the reaction and response from Egypt and the

world. Ultimately, Egypt and the world

will get what it deserves. 





Please keep reading... There is a mass of further evidence to absorb.






Next - Showing the Ground Level of Tomb NC2






Starting with a view out over the top of NC2 on the left, showing also again, one of the Harvard Camp excavations

near to the second (NC2 reception Chamber below ground.)                 The Barred Entrance of NC2 on the right.



The outside wall of the entrance is very eroded, but even this still has traces of images which must have been raised in relief all over the surface at one time. Here below are just a couple of examples, but we found very many more from the HD pics. You can pinpoint this location if you look to the entrance facing wall, and the lowest crack bottom right of that wall.


Into the entrance, featuring the pillars with the R/L side vestibules to the steps and the step up platform at the end of the corridor leading to the NC2 caverns entrance. See also the right hand niche along the corridor.  ...The high entrance R/H pic.


But didn't anyone ever notice the Creatures in Carved Relief up above the entrance !?

It would have been a clue to what may await inside!   Check the zoomed second pic below


The vestibules left and right, just inside the entrance and the steps leading to the first exposed level of Sub-Chambers


The steps again left and right - now in context.


Looking to the end of the corridor and the step-up. Just before that on the left you can see the opening to the middle chamber.

 & On the right, you get a better view of one corridor niche.


And look at this below.... It gives powerful food for thought!

From the whitewashed plastered facing return of the niche shown above right.

The images are everywhere throughout the NC2 system!



Below, is the double step-up at the far end of NC2 corridor. 

On its left is the opening to the intermediate Chamber (a)

...and the dark vertical strip far right is the crack opening to the natural NC2 system.

The right hand pic shows the small niche to the left of the upper step-up by the

caverns entrance. All the internal walls of the latter NC2 tomb ground level are maybe plastered, but we would

contend if so, the walls beneath the plaster are most likely also covered with primary images as a record of a more distant past.


Here is a view from just inside of the chamber ( a ) showing the first step-up.  Note the cabling etc. used by the system scavengers


See how the left hand pic allows us a view of the second narrow crack showing into the first reception chamber of the deep system


These few pics show some of the interior of chamber ( a ) The first natural pic below hints at images in relief, but it is not until we look at the second slightly enhanced and zoomed pic that we can see the fierce character. But if you look carefully you will easily see there are a whole lot of other characters/creatures deliniated, especially lower left. Are these on the plaster, or from beneath it? Return to check the pic again above right. Even doing nothing to it, you can already pick out a lot of prospective raised or painted images.


Second thoughts about these walls suggest it more likely that they, and the images, were simply blotted out with a heavy coat of white colour wash - and over time + with a covering of dirt and dust, the original images are beginning to bleed through.



At last now, on the right of the stepped section at the end of the ground level corridor, we get our first glimpse into the depths of the huge first reception chamber of the deep natural system. Clear to see also is the fact that there was a cut entrance which was subsequently bricked up with natural stones. Many of these stones have been simply carved to resemble fish, and in fact a couple of rocks we recorded earlier as a part of the opening header, we found later they had been vandalised!   What order in time was it all carried out? The brick/rock work may seem later. Images on the opening frame disappear beneath the existing rock.


    Some of the brick/rocks have been carved in the

    same style as other examples from within the

    system. Perhaps the second picture below will

    help the debate. First look to the bottom of the

    grey coloured opening return in the pic opposite.

    To the bottom left of the frame you will see a

    dark protruberance. Hold a notion of it in your

    mind, and then look down to the next pic to see

    (one) of the things welcoming visitors. It is

    grainy, but you can still make out the group of

    imps peering out.





As with all other areas shown, we have many hundreds more pictures and so many of them still needing analysis. We will continue with this task, but it would be superceded by another professional photographic survey using specialist photographic equipment. We will be waiting to see what happens next with bated breath.   But now we can enter the Caverns. There is much from there still to show. Our months of analysis even at our Lay level has produced stunning examples recorded from an unknown very ancient time.


These images in no way correlate to anything we have ever seen that would point to a period of Pharoanic History. For now we only have our own experience and deductions and hopefully the inpout from you as a reader to make sense of it all. Until something official is finally organised, we look to you in the world to feed back and join the discussion. You can use our Message Board at the foot of our front page, or privately using Thank You.





So finally : The Deep NC2 System


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