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The Re-opening of NC2



Part 2...


It is time for us to light a fire under this subject again!


               (This is a Huge File. For ease of use we have had to separate it into 3 sequential pages, but please let us know if any problems arise in its use. )



The Sub-System Chambers

Photo Gallery and Explanations





...And, it is worth pausing for a moment 



Just to Imagine!



Imagine a long, long time ago - NC2 (North Cliff2 designation)- in its original state, not as a tomb, but as a natural deep earth fissure rising to the surface of a Jungle scene, just like today in South America. It would have been clogged with natural debris, and its entrance, home to a number of Jungle creatures.


Imagine a great Precessional catastrophe and the effect as land became ocean with the pressure of millions of tons of gushing water.

Imagine a time when this frontal cliff fissure cave was inundated with water, hundreds of feet higher than present.

Imagine the reaming effect on the fissures as the gushing waters surged through them.


Imagine the survivors of the catastrophe emerging to find the ground scoured a thousand times more efficiently than the recent tsunamis, and large remnants of their world of Jungle and perfect stone construction buried beneath tens of meters of silt.


Imagine their hope when the (god-leaders) reappeared to lead them towards sophistication again, and 'ordinary' people turned to the new common material for rebuilding their common homes; the mud left behind.

Imagine their resolve to honour their survival, and on their ruler's direction, begin to make use of the reamed-out fissure system.


Now it was a clear pathway to the very deep underground; an underground of endlessly deep pathways and fissures and vast air-lock chambers where they could store for their decendants, the total of their knowledge and worth.


Imagine their enthusiasm to commemorate their former lush Jungle world and herald their new safe store when they squared up the internals of the fissure for a few dozens of meters with a series of ever deeper ceremonial reception chambers - and applied all the skill of their best artistry on the walls to befit its purpose.


Imagine in a later time of lesser inundation and the emergence from its aftermath of our modern/ancient history.

Imagine the help was there again but only from a few of the remaining original visitor (gods) aided by trained adepts who were able to more rapidly rely on a survival where the underground had been their survival home this time.


Imagine that the last of the old (god) leaders departed to leave these greater survivers to their future, armed within the confines of the DNA signature their (godly) masters had endowed them with.


Imagine their enthusiasim to remember 'their' ancient heretage and its deep underground legacy - while honouring their own down-graded beliefs. Imagine therefore their desire to reshape the chamber system into a tomb sanctuary, using thick and thin plaster to form new chamber divisions and a workable surface of their own.


Imagine how the old paintings throughout were readapted with new scratchings and far less sophisticated imagery to exhalt the most conditioned symbol of a former time; the Ouroboris, Agathadaimon, el-Hanash (orig.haNachash), and now finally just The Snake.


Imagine the fading memories of their knowing of Ophiuchus, the directional source in the heavens of their (god) leaders and it to remain the 13 constellation Serpent Bearer - not reappearing again until the time of 2012


Imagine how the centuries reflected the primitave changes in belief, and how their tomb would finally become a Tomb exaultation of the Bird, and then finally a modern day memory-shadow of its former origins.... now NC2


Imagine again as the cosmic vibrational changes and tumult approach; and memories with conditioned instincts stir within the Presence of significantly those who had an STS or STO hand in leading the battles for control before the last times.


Imagine Imagine the incapability of the darker ones to recall a lesson missed, which tried to teach that anything as a derivitave of the Source, can only be greater - within its own dark derivitave shadow.


Imagine too, the abject worthless futility of their renewed battle, when this time our quadrant of the cosmos will transform soon - only to support those of a vibration closest to the Source.


Imagine the critical memory is returning to all at last?    



Just Imagine       ...and read-on!



The pics below show the steps down to the sub-level chambers where the story begins. ....Left ...and Right


Before we enter to see the absolutely astonishing results, we have a very important message about the analysis method we used. To begin with it was fine using a computer mouse to trace and indicate the images we found. Even using Elements 5 and then E9 it was still difficult, and we spent weeks analysing them to extract the image results that you will have seen in previous galleries. We did not have the luxury of X Ray or Infra-red HD pics. Assuming the presence of sophisticated and very ancient hidden wall paintings we knew ultimately we would need such as this to cut through the centuries of dirt, deposits and vandalisim to detect what the walls actually show. However we knew we had to devise a new method now to control our own possible visual deception.


The Clues and the Solution


We were always puzzled by the rakings all over the walls. We found these of course on the chamber walls, but they are to be found in abundance in sections of the cave complex also. These have been routinely accepted as the marks made by builder's efforts to hew the walls into chamber shapes. There was a problem with this! We noted how some rakings followed a layered herringbone effect. So far OK, this may have been just a way of making the building evidence seem decorative. But then we noticed how the rake marks petered out as they drew close to the corners and edges; and in many places there were what we would call  lazy sections where there were no rake marks at all. In these places the walls were discoloured but not like rough untouched rock. Most interestingly in even more places, there were clearly blocks which had been used in the wall construction; and individual blocks or specific sections of block displaying rake marks where all around the walls were smooth. All of these clues fly in the face of natural fissure surfaces being hatched out and raked into shape - as a whole!


This is what drew us to examine our High Density pics more closely, and sure enough we recorded innumerable images and rock carvings. We are working on producing the evidence pictures showing that the tomb and caves system is filled with obscured beautiful wall images and Jungle murals, especially incorporating multitudes of later snakes, and in some cases still retaining pigmentation. We acknowlege also the possibility of two or more distinct layers of images. We have observed in many cases where there are images but where crucial parts of the image found are obscured by the overlay of snake depictions, almosts as if the underlying image has been defiled or crudely overstamped with what may have been the product of changing beliefs of the people of the day. We found that the rake marks suggested more and more that they were where even later occupants tried to scratch the images away in an effort to obliterate them. (See the Chieftan image below where the raking has been used even to create a head-dress.) We found many images where there were breaks in the raking and the images are more intact. Could it be the ancient vandals were simply sloppy when they did the job?      


We decided to tackle the problem of analysis thus:

After creating safe original copy pics, we experiment to get a best copy image - adjusting contrast, brightness and saturation.

Wherever we notice a promising wall section, we print multiple colour copies to cover all different filtered views of the same image, (cropped to maximum visible focus,)  including different densities of black & white. Then using the copy of the original pic and a simple ball point pen, we deliniate any changes in colour shading on the faithful copy pic;   ..from full pen lines; to broken lines for where colours blend too softly. It takes hours to complete each sample.


The process is helped with constant reference to the far greater detail that is shown especially in the black and white shaded versions. Our object is Not to command an image ourselves, but first to simply diliniate the tiny colour and shade differences across the whole picture and then see what images pop out. The work was done as much as possible with the frame turned sideways or upside down to eliminate personal input. Even with the couple of samples we show in the gallery, there is much more work that can be done on them.


Where there is a clear non natural image, we are able from deduction to concentrate then on those areas in all of our samples and this enables us to add missing parts of the picture which are not entirely obvious in the master copy alone. Our challenge remains however for others to use our first large batch of HD pics from our Free download section and perform your own thorough analysis.... please!!


We know the system is filled throughout with the remains of detailed complex images. We will emphatically state now and again and again and again. If there is only a tiny percentage of validity in our proposal, then the implications are mindboggling. Proof may be hidden in plain sight (not just from the images) for a record of history potentially going back from 6 to12,000 years or more, and may indeed be the further validation and a pointer to the fact of a world heritage repository waiting to be rediscovered deep below ground.


So, Who Would You Entrust the Guarding and Investigation of this Site To?   The Egyptian officials who have raped the hell out of it already? The ones who are motivated only to line their collections and bank vaults with cash and gold from it? The ones who wish to exploit everything on the plateau IN SECRET before YOU eventually get the sanitised crumbs years later? There is enough evidence already to investigate its proposed potential. The system should be instantly put under the transparent control of a Heretage group representing WORLD interest, led by the elected Egyptian Government. A site that may at last prove conclusively the existence of an advanced pre-civilization deserves nothing less! If any visitor to Giza, or who has high contacts, hears anything to do with this system, it is your born duty to whistleblow it to the world. There is no justification for keeping a single aspect of this story secret; and what a brilliant advertisment it would be from Egypt to the World - for the World to be able to follow every progress. It would repair so much damage caused in the past from the service to self, cloistered halls of archaeological acedemia and official thieves chasing gold. History has proved time and time again where a lay person has made an incredible discovery, only for all attention to be focused on the academic thief who stands proud in the spotlight to claim it as their own. It is a disgusting dishonest institutionalised process. You can all rely at least on the fact that any such information that comes to our hands, will be freely shared with its real owners...

The World!!


Just in case our revelations stir anyone in service to self to visit NC2 in the meantime with a darker agenda; or at least before TRANSPARENT investigative control is employed, we wish to say this: We genuinely know of other secrets inside the system which are so sensitive that they can only be released to proper authoritive control at this stage. We already have many hundreds of HD pictures and the fruits of our own guided experience there to be able to PROVE any subsequent covert work in the meantime, or at least before a TRANSPARENT investigative council has placed it under investigation. We will be happy in those circumstances to yield-up our entire portfolio to them.   Our contact:    (or generally please use our front page Message Board )




We start our walk around the surfaces to show some of the amazing images we have found so far!




First, Chamber (H) reproduced - But this is no image. This one is for real

The (double?) stolen Sarcophagus/Mummy ...On the right, up-ended for a better view




The First Real Evidence



The following sequence shows pics from sections of wall where we have just performed simple hue, saturation and light adjustments. The sequence includes examples of the line drawing method described above. In the first pic, the rock -carving needs little explanation. What better validation can we have than the second picture! It shows the same Chieftan, with the same face profile, resplendant in head-dress, but this time complimenting his carved face with a Jungle wall-art depiction - accompanied either by a large python type snake or a hunting dog, and the whole scene bathed in sunbeams. In the original over-drawing, many Jungle animals can be identified, from elephants to rhinos, monkeys and smaller creatures.


There are three possible deductions. (1) It was an important person of the day. (2) It was the man who was once interred here. (3) It was an important person of the day belonging to a time where these chambers were not tombs at all, but part of elaborate ceremonial reception chambers leading through to the final point of entry; a living underground complex, after passing through the Tube Tunnel - the body of Agathodaimon. (The GoodSpirit in symbolic snake form presiding/uniting that which exists above/below - meaning, That which exists in physical, ..and beyond.)  In addition we are convinced however that the many tons of excavation still awaiting, will reveal other ways deeper into the Plateau - following the water courses into the fissures.


The rock - carving


The accompanying Chieftan Wall Depiction on the next chamber wall surface. .


(Using an original copy) here is our drawing of the previous Chieftan scene using the full line drawing analysis described above.


When we tried this we had basically recognised there was a wall painting but we had no idea this would be revealed.

The same elaborate jungle setting was revealed in a pic from another wall surface elsewhere. In the other pic we found the pyramid shape in the form of a sort of peeping head with a long nose! This pic is filled with jungle animals and it is still a work in progress.


Another rock-carving peeping out, but notice also the start of the Starry pattern painted on the underside rock

And there are further depth images on the bland wall surfaces


A Bowl issuing flames, but with Pyramid designs decorated on its side.

On rock areas around this painting there were other images and symbols


A change of contrast and an Orb to draw our attention to the small section of a whole ceiling surface filled with snakes.

Time again we found pics which had very distinct Orbs directing us to nearby significant depictions.


We can only wonder and marvel at the Pyramid landscape scene which this strange character was looking out out over.

However the deeper analysis from the HD version reveals the character is speaking into what looks like a microphone!

The pyramids are parts of a large articulated object or tube device, and elsewhere we believe, there are classic spacemen in suits and pyramids ..with a doorway into one of them. Take notice world. We have spent hours on this and we are definately not joking!   Let a Patron step forward and help us place all our evidence under a professional microscope.


Tight zoom from upper/above. Can you see the forms? 'Is' that a space suited fugure amid primitave creatures?


..And this from lower on the same picture. Notice the faint images behind it.


Tucked away and barely in focus, we noticed these small Metallic Receptacles, with creatures emerging. The Tomb raiders were thankfully sloppy with their work!  At least our photographs and location-plot could prove in the future if more of the authorititive raiders come back to clean-up on the things they missed first time.


Here is a pic just to illustrate how the Orbs seemed to signal importance! The view is at the end of the corridor almost directly under the huge aparrent Altar Stone in the first Reception Chamber of the natural NC2 cave/cavern system. The corridor also is lined-up with the start of the actual cavern system. (Don't miss the snake image below the centre Orb.)


Apart from the obvious image of an Antelope of some kind peeking out on the left, there are other images not to difficult to see.

In fact this picture has been turned 90%. Strange that the artist orientated the pictures horizontally.

We often encountered carvings or images painted horizontally or even upside down!


The wall section this was taken from was covered in images, and we suspect there is a 3D Mural hidden under the scale and damage. But this is one location that definately needs advanced photographic equpment. With our filters the detail seemed to show at least one strange bug eyed creature. It is shown within a domed shadow that is definately not an Orb. But notice also off to the higher right, the unique Reptilian with a large horn appearing from its head. See if you can spot the other creatures featured in the same pic.

Here is a tight closeup of the bug eyed creature


Another section from the same wall. The focus is bad at this depth, but you can still see the vase type object and the shadow outline for a procession of figures in the background. In fact this wall would be near the top of our list for specialist photography.


We are not sure what to make of this dog-outlined creature + the snakes and the other forms?


We spotted something like a Scarab beetle in the middle of the frame. Unfortunately the poorer quality pic. prevented us from drawing the image out more - or the other figures in this frame, seen in the HD version. However we wanted to give you a trial example of how it is possible and necessary to still notice the obscured potential....  So, at the top of the pic & just below this writing in the darker vertical beige section, look for a faded black blob about half an inch away from the top edge of the picture, and regard this as an eye. Then around it discern a horse type head looking left. When you have this, you can follow down the beige strip and determine its body - leading down to another pair of eyes belonging to another figure superimposed upon it .etc etc.    ....The HD shows that 'all' the segments of the supposed body of the creature, are formed from the heads of other creatures!  It is possible from a careful study of this one sample to determine a whole lot of potential figures, and the HD confirms they are there.


Clearly there are defined shapes here, but we were unable to decide what they may represent... Or so it may seem! This was one pic where the correct focal depth had to be achieved for proper examination. We recognised its potential so we spent huge time on it. We examinined the HD original in Elements 9 down through to pixels. It revealed to us the artist had filled the whole wall section with an assembly of Character/Creatures, like a big procession. One can only wonder at the occasion it was meant to represent originally?

Take a look below and then compare it with the second version from HD where the shape/face/head outlines have been deliniated.


Yet another wall surface with the Chieftan image painted on the left, and other animals on the background wall


We saw the snake immediately in the corner, but is it another snake or a human image on the right, or both?


Here is the other wall section mentioned earlier with a possible mural scene. It contains astonishing possibilities. So many things to notice! The Pyramids with an energy rod emitting vapour in the centre.. Then there is the figure beside it just beneath the Orb.

We are continuing to work with this because our filters have shown us that it may contain glyphs of some kind, but see

what we have found so far in the line picture below. Notice the long nosed pyramid man again.

Check back to the original copy above. The artist/s used a technique throughout the whole system where images were often overlapped following the profile of the image below. This gives the suprerficial view of the larger image when it is in fact, often a

collage of smaller images which can only be seen from the original HD pic, and when examined down almost to small pixel level.

(This version is still a work in progress, with much more definition to be achieved.)


We are filling pages, but we could easily fill ten more pages with image assortments.


Can you see the reclining big cat, found on the wall below the plaster line in the missing sarcophigus chamber?


Now you have had a taste of the product of the wall sections we are going to start on the actual Sub-Chambers. At last you will get a chance to see the walls in their raw state as we captured them. Even without the benefit of XRay or InfraRed photography every one of our original HD pictures seems to reveal new treasure.


You will need the Shematic drawing again to orientate the indicated chambers. If you notice anything of particular interest, refer back to our initial descriptions up the page for additional info.


Andrew Collins and Nigel Skinner-Simpson brought this whole story initially to the public debate from their good research into Salt and Caviglia and subsequent exposures, but the story has moved on a very long way. The word to us on the street recently was that Andrew was due a return to Cairo early in 2012. This may be purest speculation, but if true, and 'Andrew if you have your sights set on NC2 again, with or without the backing again of the A.R.E., then I wish you power to the cause, and if so, the world will eagerly await anything you can add towards our knowledge of it all.'



 The repeated schematic for current reference..


Down the corridor, back to the right hand steps from outside chamber ( H )

   c 1486  Above and first below                                                   c 1485 Above and second below zoomed closer for detail



The Chamber ( i ) Sequence.... 

[For reference, look for the image code beneath each c 2345]


Around chamber ( i ) walls... When you look at these pics they may seem bland, but simple density,shade and contrast

 adjustments reveal all you have seen above.. (Remember these are reduced copies and not the original HD pics.)

These next two pics are another example, even though they are an oblique view of the wall beneath the ceiling tunnel entrance

they still give a hint of what may be found beneath the distortion of limescale, deposits and dirt.

Look top left.

i 1479 + z


The same applies to all these surfaces, though we present many as they were for us, to give you a much better idea why they have been missed until now. It is nigh impossible to see them in situe unless the striking ones are pinpointed already. The environment is too dark and hostile. The light in there for viewing needs to be subtle, or colour filtered. Halogen for example like the robbers recently used, simply bounces back from the walls; and probably the best medium of all will prove to be the Infra Red or XRay

i 1481  Above and (2) versions below.                                    i 1483 Above and a section from it second level pic below.(Look deep)


The second pic below, gives an idea of what is beneath the deposits on the side of this rock. Also something lurking below right.

i 1484 +Z


It was not long before we realised there was not a single part of the surfaces we could discard.

The image below was painted consistently around the corner, and this was a usual technique.

..... And from ( i 1480 ) above -Who is this small princess sitting in the corner?


The roof of this chamber is very rough and concave, almost as if there has been a fall of rock from it.

 i 4580                                                                                                    i 4581

But we can still show you the results from a tiny section of surfaces filled with work on both ceilings...


There were however still more images on the surface.                             Lower to the floor, with the dust now stirred up.

 i 4582                                                                                            i 4583

The Pic 4582 gives an example we saw repeated, where sometimes physical objects had been intricately decorated and fixed into ceiling clefts - held fast in the red pigmented mortar that we proposed from first visits into the system.


A chamber filled with potential, as you will see next below.              An oblique original view of the Chieftan section seen earlier

i 4584                                                                                           i 4585

We just had to include the pic below, taken from the mid section of ( i 4584 ) above left. The original was a terrible obscured frame. But we worked on it and the result is what you see. It is absolutely packed with fish, faces and other creature images of all sizes.

Despite the gloomy quality of the pic. if you really give time for your eyes to adjust, you will see them. The sphere is another Orb and is what drew us to the pic.


This picture caught another aspect of the edge of the huge domed stone on the floor that we showed earlier

i 4586                                                                                           i 4587

From above. Just look at the images breaking through the surface on the edge of the domed stone below. A whole procession!

If these magical images are almost impossible to detect under floodlight, firelight or even natural light, the question arises as to how much of the artistic/historical treasure of this system has been happlessly destroyed because of incompetant archaeological control? Remember, the North Cliff locations are less than ten minutes walk from the Great Pyramid and have been known of for decades.


Now take a look at this astonishing example from ( i 4587 ) Clearly the wall depictions survived because the chamber had been blocked by sand. Thank goodness, because even from the section that is exposed, we can see the artistic mastery that must have been evident throughout all the acres of walls and ceilings of the NC2 system. Within this chamber alone, there must be huge hidden wall panels of masterpiece paintings. When you see even this example, you would surely agree on the World Heretage value of this site and a need for its proper legal investigation? Will you now support us in our urgency to publicise this please? Will you now support our meager finances so we can continue to make direct representation please?  Take a look, second pic below!! It is not the last clear example you will see in this Report!

Nothing adjusted here... and even the tree can be seen clearly.


Thick wall of plaster broken throught to Chamber ( h)

 i 4588

From the lower left quarter of 4588 above. Seeing is believing !!


Next, taking a break, looking back to the entrance of i 4589.1  ...But who would have believed the hidden almost holographic audience, keeping an eye on activities from the background wall just a few feet away!




Next - The Chamber ( E ) Sequence....



e 1491                                                                                             e 1493


By way of another example which told us that every inch of every surface needed scrutiny.. We initially put the following pic into the dismiss folder as it seemed so obscured. But something told us to examine it further. Through the dust and dirt and after a lot of tweaking, the picture yielded unmistakable image prospects.. See for yourself in the worked version below the original.

Possibly two Crowned skeletal figures in a cave, and on the left of the picture there are land animals in more of a cave-art style, (perhaps Eland.) One is on its hind legs feeding from a tree! The scene contains so much more.

 e 1488 + Z.



e 1489                                                                                              e 1490

Elephants Elephants!  From above left - below the window...                                      & From above right, from low centre of pic.



Another corner of the chamber. This original looks reasonably promising.  But in fact it is so packed with images and symbols, we will be repeating it and all its derived images in the zoom gallery later - as a part of the showings from the deeper tunnel system.

e 1487   The picture above in particular showed so much promise that we singled it out for a lot of extra examination time. The result was a whole sequence of special images, each from a small section of the walls or ceiling/roof. However so as not make the page too long, we have separated those pics and you will see them in a section of their own at the end of the deep tunnel system pics on P6.



Next - Chamber ( h ) Sequence

The Chamber of the Chieftan



First picture looking back to the door entrance, Chamber ( e ) entrance and window opposite.(Look to the door header, & back wall)

h 1478


This is still the Chamber of the Chieftan. (This name just seemed appropriate!) But do you see the busy scene of images on the wall of the Reception chamber (e) opposite? Notice also the exotic birds carved/laid out above the lintel carving. Our originals HD pics show much more but we have displayed two more pics further below which zoom even closer.

h 1478z

The Chieftan carving from above, rotated 90%         ...and below... two zoomed pics from the lintel above the Chieftan carving

  h 1478z

Master and Mistress  ...or maybe King and Queen?


Here breaking through the plaster side wall to ( g ) and elsewhere another meaningful niche.

h 1477                                                                                       h 4594 - 1475z 


Entry point colse-up to chamber ( g )   ...We were even able to extract the dog etc images from the dark background in the left pic.

h 1476                                                                       h 1476z


The first pic looking back to the sand bank and the doorway of the Chieftan (lintel) stone carving. See the break from previous pics into the next chamber ( g ) ... and the next 3 in the sequence showing aspects of the (later?) plaster.

h 1476                                                                                     h 1472


You can see the rakings on the plaster plainly, but see through them and even at this low quality it is possible to detect the pigment changes  ...and the bare rock below. We zoomed-in on two lower sections where the plaster had been damaged and removed.

 h 1473                                                                                     h 1474


As if in proof of earlier hidden depictions: See below - the tentative images that are part of a scene hidden behind the plaster, displayed from the lower part of the wall area above. We wonder what other treasures are hidden behind the

masses of later wall plaster throughout the system?


We were absolutely astonished when we found the images below!  Once again, it was revealed from where plaster had broken away and is obviously part of a larger hidden picture. The aparrent sophisticated image of a beautiful young female with snake hair amid strange Alien or Reptilian creatures. How much more evidential proof do we have to present to the world for our findings to be acted upon seriously. NC2 Demands Immediate independent protection and for immediate Transparent

archaeological investigation to be initiated -  for Egypt and the whole world.





Next - The natural tunnels rising from the chamber rooflines




Within the back end of ( h & g ) we found these cave hole entrances high up by the ceiling joins. The openings from ( h ) were too difficult to negotiate without equipment, but we obtained some evidential pics.     From our first visits - disturbance and rock-fall damage has been caused by the (official) heavy handed theives in the meantime. See what you think!


The tunnels rise close to and in the direction of the Secondary Reception Chamber of NC2  on the second level above.

Undoubtedly they connect into the natural NC2 caverns and tunnels.

Pictures below show the biggest entrance from the back of chamber (g) incliuding graffiti. 

Others have visited these tunnels in the recent past or when only simple illumination was available?



The main entrance top left ..and the opening through to ( h )                 Zoomed in to the tunnel entrance.

 1457                                                                                              1458



   Take a closer look at the zoomed

   version of this tunnel entrance. There

   is plenty of evidence for flame torch

   burning, alongside the graffitti.


   Perhaps also an animal head left of

   centre, just above the initials.


   But in particular, notice within the cave

   entrance itself (in the tighter zoomed

   pic below.) Can you also see reptilians

   straining to emerge from the gloom?


   The results simply confirm our belief

   that these natural connection tunnels

   were personalised when they were in

   use. Significant evidence has been left

   behind inside them and forgotten to

   time ...and has been missed by the

   real tomb robbers who have tramped

   blind through the systems so far!





 1458 z

This one is a real test, but if you look deep you will see them.

 1458 zz


I managed in the darkness to ascend the wall up to the main tunnel entrance. From there I was able to penetrate for a fair distance with the camera to take these pics. Internally it seemed this system split in opposing directions towards the upper reception chamber - and otherwise back to connect with ( h ).  I decided the danger of disturbance or rock fall was too high to proceed. On descent I actually slipped and fell many feet to the chamber rock-floor. My flashlight went out. I was falling into inky pitch darkness and I was incredulous when I landed square and safe on my feet. That was one moment I gave silent thanks to any unseen helping hands!

  1459                                                                                                 1461


Up inside the entrance to the tunnels there was room to stand upright. I could see they continued deeper and were rising. However my way was barred with fallen and displaced rocks and I could see that specialised safety equipment would be needed to clear a way through. Even with the naked eye I could see signs in the deeper sections where others had ventured long ago. Now the interior was covered in debris and dust. Our return on another occasion revealed the fallen rocks you will see in later pics where there had been an attempt to either gain deep entry or to block further access.

   1463                                                                                               1464

Plenty of fallen rocks and boulders inside, but still with a way through. However more importantly see the evidence (below) of hewn, prepared fallen blocks.  This to us was proof of their inclusion to the original layout in some important way. The lower way up to the entrances is now extremely hazardous. What was originally in place for their intended use? What else has been lost in destruction to time. What was their intended connection with the NC2 chambers many meters above? What other clues may remain hidden inside?

   1465                                                                                              1466


   1467                                                                                             1468


At the entrance to one of the natural tunnel entrances we found these rock carved images. (Zoomed a little closer right for detail)

  Now look at this example of what the official system thieves have done to them in the meantime!!

Consider again the high motive and instruction to eliminate this audit trail to our origins!!

Now deliberately Blocked !!





The sequence continues into Chamber ( g )... 

But due to the huge size of each presentation page we are splitting to a third page.

Please therefore follow the link below for a continuation into Part 3








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